Everyone who lives In American or any other mainstream part of the world has heard of green days American idiot. If you haven’t heard of the album then maybe you’ve seen the musical. If have seen or heard about any of this then you’ve been living under a rock for the last seven years. Green days album American idiot not only sold millions of albums, it also was a very popular broadway play, made even more popular when green days lead singer and guitarist Billie Joe armstrong played the part of st Jimmy. This album will soon become a major motion picture! It is unclear when it will be released but it has definitely been confirmed that there will be a movie. There will be three main characters just like in the album and musical, st Jimmy, Jesus of suburbia, and whatsername. It has also been said that Billie Joe armstrong will play one of the main roles, but he isn’t sure he would be good at it. Green day would definitely record the sound track and all the music for it and maybe the band members have a small part in the movie. The director, micheal Mayer, of the musical would also direct the movie. No ones really sure when this will be released but there definitely is an American idiot movie in the near future!

July first the band radio head will perform their new album The King of Limbs, but not just in front of a live crowd! The show will also be broadcasted worldwide to televisions every where! This isn’t just a big deal that they are playing it on tv, but that this will be the first time every that they will play their new album live. The show will be entitled The King of Limbs: Live from the Basement and will last for about fifty five minuitse. Radio head rarely plays on tv, so this will be a big deal when they do.

Coldplay in 2011

It has been confirmed on multiple occasion, and you’ve probably already heard about Coldplay and their new album. The album is still untitled, but according to Coldplay, the album is near finished! It was also at first believed to be a concept album but it was cleared up that it wouldn’t after all the rumors started going around. The bands blog posted this:“Back in the studio, the songs are now very much pushing their heads above the soil and straining towards the light.” There have been two confirmed songs on the new album “Princess Of China” and “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall”. The album may be released in October 2011, but this is not for sure.

Switchfoot was really popular back in 2003 with their album The Beautiful Letdown. The album contained the insanely popular songs, meant to live, and dare you to move. The album sold over 2.6 Million copies. When switchfoot went into the studio to record their seventh album Hello Hurricane they didn’t just record enough material for one album, but for two. The album will be similar to Hello Hurricane but will still be its own thing. It has been said that their will be forteen tracks on the album, but this is not for sure yet. The album is also believed to be releasing in June of 2011 but this also is not for sure. Here is a link to the tracks that could be on the album: http://switchfoot.wikia.com/wiki/Vice_Verses

      Paramore has announced on their twitter and other places that they are at work again recording a new album! They just recently got off the tour for their album brand new eyes. This new album will be there fourth album, this will also be their first album with only three of their five members. Two of their members recently left the band and went on to try new things.”We like to do it at home mostly,” said lead vocalist Haley Williams. She went on to say that the band is ready for a challenge and wants this album to be great. The band has been working on the album in 2011 but it is unclear when it will be released.

What was expected to come out in 2010 has been delayed. The band hasn’t released an album since 2003! There isn’t much word on song names or song titles yet. What we do know is that there is a camera crew    following them around as they are recording. There will be a documentary releasing around the same time as the album comes out entitled blinkumentary. Travis barker(blink 182’s drummer) said they have been trying to get together once every week or two and record.

You’ve probably already heard the news about No doubt making a brand new album after 10 years! they released their album the singles 1992-2003 which was just all their singles put into one album. They first told us of their new album via the bands twitter on new years day saying that making a new album is their new years resolution and that they have ten songs written. They recently posted that they already have nine songs recorded. Their new album will be released in 2011 sometime in the summer.

“With the band recording a new record for next year we felt it was a good
idea to remind everyone of the great music No Doubt has made over the years.
We feel the Icon release of No Doubt’s greatest hits is an extremely low
cost way to turn a lot of new people on to the band’s great music,” said the bands manager Jim Guerinot.